The Top 20 Best-Selling Titles… #17

17. More True Tales of Old-Time Kansas by David Dary

A continuation of his previous book, True Tales of Old-Time Kansas, David Dary delivers more stories, tales, and legends of Kansas’s history. Published in 1987, More True Tales of Old-Time Kansas tells entertaining stories from Kansas’s past, from adventures to natural disasters to tales of outlaws and legends. Dary is able to pull together accounts and facts with carefully skilled penmanship that makes history feel like a story.

Spread throughout the stories are illustrations to help propel the reader further into the exciting history of Kansas. More True Tales of Old-Time Kansas brings to life the excitement and adventure of the Old West: the revenge and vengeance of Bloody Bill Anderson and Dutch Henry, the exploits of bank and train robber Bill Doolen, and mayhem in the state’s most violent town. Colorful hermits and trappers, traders and town builders join historical characters such as William Becknell, father of the Santa Fe Trail—whose expedition turned a 2,000 percent profit—and Lizzie Johnson Williams, the first woman to follow the Western Trail.

“Dary is a popularizer, a skilled writer who takes historic facts and legends and weaves them together for the interested general reader. His easy, journalistic style, and determination to tell a good story introduce history to an audience that may not have discovered the fascinating heritage of our remarkable state.—Wichita Eagle-Beacon

20. The Philippine War, 1899-1902 by Brian McAllister Linn

19. The Sable Arm by Dudley Cornish

18. Haunted Kansas: Ghost Stories and Other Eerie Tales by Lisa Hefner Heitz