Award Winners

Award Winners

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Abolitionists, Doctors, Ranchers, and Writers

A Family Journey through American History

Lynne Marie Getz

September 2017
368 pages

Affirmative Action on Trial

Sex Discrimination in Johnson v. Santa Clara

Melvin I. Urofsky

April 1997
216 pages

African American Environmental Thought


Kimberly K. Smith

March 2007
268 pages

After Clausewitz

German Military Thinkers before the Great War

Antulio J. Echevarria II

March 2001
356 pages

After the Glory

The Struggles of Black Civil War Veterans

Donald R. Shaffer

July 2004
292 pages

The Age of Deficits

Presidents and Unbalanced Budgets from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush

Iwan Morgan

November 2009
392 pages

The Age of Impeachment

American Constitutional Culture since 1960

David E. Kyvig

April 2008
496 pages

Allies against the Rising Sun

The United States, the British Nations, and the Defeat of Imperial Japan

Nicholas Evan Sarantakes

October 2009
480 pages

America's Ocean Wilderness

A Cultural History of Twentieth-Century Exploration

Gary Kroll

April 2008
262 pages

America's School for War

Fort Leavenworth, Officer Education, and Victory in World War II

Peter J. Schifferle

June 2017
308 pages

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