Kansas Governors

With a New Foreword by Virgil W. Dean

Homer E. Socolofsky

This one-stop reference work is a governors’ hall of fame—a compendium of information about the 51 men who have held the chief executive post since the opening of the Kansas Territory in 1854.

Using both primary and secondary sources, historian Homer Socolofsky sketches a concise biography of each governor and compares their roles in Kansas history. He also provides comparative election and demographic data, as well as suggestions for additional reading.

“Kansas governors have had impact on their state and on all of the American West. Kansas Governors is a long-needed reference tool that should be emulated by all Western States. It belongs in every library—academic, public, school, or special—which has a Kansas or Western Americana collection.

—Journal of the West

“Socolofsky provides readers with an excellent introduction to Kansas politics and a model for works of this type.

—Great Plains Quarterly

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Supplementing the text are 93 historic photographs, including each chief executive’s portrait and autograph. Twelve maps and tables depict and compare aspects of the governors’ lives, showing occupational background, birthplace, and residence.

Kansas Governors brings together in a single volume a far more complete treatment of both territorial and state governors—as well as acting governors—than can be found in other biographical dictionaries. It will be a useful tool for Kansas history buffs, and an essential reference for school and public libraries.

About the Author

Homer E.Socolofsky (1922–2005) was professor emeritus of history at Kansas State University and a leading authority on Kansas history. His many publications include Arthur Capper: Publisher, Politician, Philanthropist and Landlord William Scully.

Virgil W. Dean is an independent historian and consulting editor who was editor of the journal Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains for almost thirty years. A former historian for the Kansas State Historical Society, he is the author or editor of four books, including John Brown to Bob Dole: Movers and Shakers in Kansas History.