Taking Flight

The Nadine Ramsey Story

Raquel Ramsey and Tricia Aurand

In October 1944, Nadine Ramsey was thirty-three and she was flying the cutting-edge P-51 Mustang to New Jersey, its last stop before heading to the war in Europe. The irrepressible young woman from Wichita had long been determined to fly and the gathering storm clouds of World War II had provided an unexpected opportunity. Taking Flight is the inspiring story of a girl from Depression-era Kansas who overcame tremendous challenges and defied convention to become an elite pilot—one of the few American women to fly fighter aircraft during World War II.

Taking Flight follows Nadine as she became one of 1,102 women to join the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots and one of only 303 WASPs to take to the skies in military cockpits, transporting aircraft to bases across the nation for use in the theaters of war. This book marks her milestones: the first Kansas woman to earn a commercial pilot license; among the earliest women to fly the US Air Mail; one of only 26 WASPs who flew the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, a fighter aircraft—and the first woman to own one; the only woman in the country to instruct male pilots to fly fighter planes after the war. Disbanded in late 1944 to make way for male pilots and barred from piloting for commercial airlines, the WASPs spent the next three decades fighting to win veteran status.

Taking Flight enriches the achievement of those still claiming “the first” titles by situating their successes in a long line of fearless women who blazed the trail. It belongs on your bookshelf as a profile in courage, heartbreak, and triumph.

—U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

“This book is a worthwhile read, both for the important knowledge gained, and the pure joy of experiencing an extraordinary life.

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Taking Flight: The Nadine Ramsey Story is a profile in courage of a woman who helped clear the flight path for today’s female combat and commercial aviators.

About the Author

Raquel Ramsey, a retired teacher, is the widow of Nadines brother, Col. Edwin P. Ramsey, a decorated World War II hero, and the executive producer of his documentary, Never Surrender: The Ed Ramsey Story. Tricia Aurand is a screenwriter. Both Ramsey and Aurand live in Los Angeles.