Presidential War Power

Third Edition, Revised

3rd Edition, Revised

Louis Fisher

A classic and bestselling work by one of Americas top Constitutional scholars, Presidential War Power garnered the lead review in the New York Times Book Review and raised essential issues that have only become more timely, relevant, and controversial in our post-9/11 era.

In this third edition, Louis Fisher updates his arguments throughout, critiques the presidential actions of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and challenges what he views as their dangerous expansion of executive power. Spanning the life of the Republic from the Revolutionary Era to the War on Terror, the new edition covers for the first time:

“An authoritative book on an issue that goes to the heart of what the Constitution says and whether it still has a controlling influence on our national life.”

New York Times Book Review

“An intelligent and convincing contribution to the debate over our form of government.”

Washington Post Book World
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n Indefinite detention of civilians and non-civilians without trial n President Obamas failed effort to close Guantánamo n NSA wiretapping and Fourth Amendment violations n Presidential decision-making relating to the wind-down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan n U.S. military operations against Libya in 2011 n Continued abuse of the state secrets privilege in national security court cases n Secret legal memos justifying the use of UAVs or drones for targeted killings overseas n Extended comparison of the expansion of executive power under George W. Bush and Barack Obama

About the Author

Louis Fisher, recently retired as Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project, previously worked at the Library of Congress as Senior Specialist in Separation of Powers (Congressional Research Service) and as Specialist in Constitutional Law (Law Library). His many books include The Constitution and 9/11: Recurring Threats to Americas Freedoms; Military Tribunals and Presidential Power, which won the American Political Science Associations Richard E. Neustadt Award; In the Name of National Security: Unchecked Presidential Power and the Reynolds Case; and Constitutional Conflicts between Congress and the President. In 2012, he received the APSAs Hubert H. Humphrey Award for notable public service by a political scientist.