Driving across Missouri

A Guide to I-70

Ted T. Cable and LuAnn M. Cadden

Drivers speeding across Missouri on I-70 don't know what they're missing. But Ted Cable and LuAnn Cadden do: untold attractions right along the highway between St. Louis and Kansas City.

Driving across Missouri is packed with fun-filled information, stories, and trivia that help travelers look beyond the passing blur to appreciate the "Show Me" state's unique landscapes and landmarks. Its authors unfold the natural beauty of the state's flora, fauna, and rivers (including two of the world's largest); introduce the history of Native Americans, French explorers, and German settlers; reopen routes traveled by Daniel Boone and Lewis and Clark; and bring the Civil War era to life.

“The book chronicles just about everything worth seeing or talking about along the 251-mile corridor from Kansas City to St. Louis. Everything from the lone brick chimney (with the TV antenna still attached) near Sweet Springs, to the 40-foot Ferris wheel at High Hill, to the MetroLink tracks in St. Louis.

—St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Think of the drive between Kansas City and St. Louis as a chore? This book might change that. It includes dozens of places to stop and explore, and its full of stories, history and trivia. (Why are barns red? If Boonville is named after Daniel Boone, why is there no e?) The attractions and information are organized by mile marker.

—Kansas City Star
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The entries are tied to mile markers for travelers driving either east or west-no need to "transpose," because the authors have done it for you. Cable and Cadden tell the story behind Boone's Lick Trail at mile marker 194.0 and point out likely roosts for red-tailed hawks. They entice you to take Exit 170 to explore Graham Cave State Park, or 148 to visit the Winston Churchill Memorial at Fulton. And within the city limits of Kansas City and St. Louis, where mile markers often aren't visible, they guide the reader to notable features like the former's Jazz Museum or the latter's landmark churches.

Graced with dozens of illustrations and an ample array of lively anecdotes, Driving across Missouri provides more detail for "ordinary" landscape features than can be found in most other guidebooks, whether relating the story behind the "Meramec barn" or using cornfields as a point of departure to discuss "Missouri Meerschaums"—the corncob pipe.

Through their vastly entertaining book, Cable and Cadden help to slow things down in the fast lane so that travelers can enjoy Missouri's land and history, while simultaneously making a long trip pass more quickly with stories that interpret the spirit of this great "Show Me" state. And, used in conjunction with Driving across Kansas, readers can now enjoy the ride all the way from the Gateway Arch to the Colorado state line and back again.

About the Author

Ted T. Cable is a professor of Park Management and Conservation at Kansas State University and author of 10 books about nature and travel, including Commitments of the Heart: Odysseys in West African Conservation. He is coauthor, with Wayne A. Maley, of Driving across Kansas: A Guide to I-70. LuAnn M. Cadden is a freelance writer and naturalist who has worked for the Missouri Department of Conservation.