The Future of Governing

Second Edition, Revised

B. Guy Peters

Global politics have been transformed by revolution and reformation in the last two decades. As political systems crashed or teetered precariously and entire governments and national boundaries dissolved, even the relatively stable industrialized democracies have been forced to reorganize their governments in the face of the increasing discontent of their citizens. Peters provides a concise and insightful guide to the fundamental ideas underlying these reform movements and their future impact on governance.

This revised edition includes three new chapters that add valuable analysis and perspective to current debates surrounding the political and administrative change in less-developed countries, the deficiencies of public administration theory, and the ways in which reform begets further reform and creates a belief in the desirability of continuous reform.

“Anyone looking for a cogent bird’s-eye panorama of what has been said, written, and done about the whole sweeping question of how people in industrialized countries go about defining and pursuing their common interests will find this book well worth reading.”

American Political Science Review

“Peters is a master of public management, and his book is the first to assess systematically the reform movement sweeping the world. That’s an unbeatable combination for anyone trying to sort out the dizzying changes in global governance.”

—Donald F. Kettl, author of Sharing Power: Public Governance and Private Markets

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