Guide to the Vicksburg Campaign

Edited by Leonard Fullenkamp, Stephen Bowman, and Jay Luvaas

In the same week that Union forces triumphed at Gettysburg, they also captured the river fortress at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Although much less memorialized than Gettysburg, the fall of Vicksburg was every bit as crucial to the Union cause.

Pitting Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman against John Pemberton and Joseph Johnston, the victorious Vicksburg Campaign helped revive a war-weary North, gave it absolute control of the Mississippi River, severed the western Confederacy from the East, and further constricted the South's ability to wage war as the Union drove ever deeper into its heartland. It also gave Grant-the campaign's chief architect-a dramatic venue for demonstrating his maturing skills and intelligence as a strategist and field commander.

“Good historians can write for both the specialist and the general reader, as this excellent addition to the US Army War College’s ‘Guides to Civil War Battles’ shows. It provides itineraries for driving tours of the campaign and of the siege lines and, best of all, it offers a narrative and analyses of the campaign.


“There is even coverage of the Union and Confederate sides, and a refreshing emphasis on engineering aspects as well. The volume also has good maps and the explanatory sections are clearly and thoughtfully written.

—North & South
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Unlike other volumes in the U.S. Army War College Guides to Civil War Battles series, this one examines an entire campaign, looking at many interlinked battles and joint Army-Navy operations as they played out over seven months and thousands of square miles of rivers, streams, swamps, lakes, forests, hills, and plains surrounding Vicksburg. In addition to detailed coverage of the actual Siege of Vicksburg, the book also chronicles the battles at Jackson, Port Gibson, Raymond, Champions Hill, and Big Black Ridge.

Like the other volumes in the series, this one combines eyewitness accounts with maps, illustrations, and tour directions to illuminate the events for both tourists and arm-chair travellers. For anyone interested in learning more about this relatively neglected but pivotal Civil War campaign, the Guide to the Vicksburg Campaign is must reading.

About the Author

Col. Leonard Fullenkamp teaches in the Department of National Security and Strategy at the U.S. Army War College.

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