Indian Agriculture in America

Prehistory to the Present

R. Douglas Hurt

This is a sweeping survey of American Indian agriculture from its ancient origins to the present. It combines a wealth of historical, anthropological, legal, and economic information in a clear, readable synthesis.

“A very thorough and readable account. The scope of this work is truly impressive. The bulk of it revolves around the implementation of United States federal Indian policies aimed at transforming Native Americans into self-sufficient yeoman farmers and farm families during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Hurt’s chapters on Indian agriculture and water rights in the twentieth century are very timely and instructive. Should become a standard text for American Indian history courses.

—New Mexico Historical Review

“A useful introduction to the subject that is organized in an admirably clear fashion and can be recommended to student and specialist alike.

—Journal of American History
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About the Author

R. Douglas Hurt is professor of history at Iowa State University. His many books include American Agriculture and The Dust Bowl: An Agricultural and Social History.