The Wayward Professor

Joel J. Gold

This wry portrayal of academic life will delight anyone who has ever spent time on a college campus. Writing with lightly satirical, self-deprecating charm, Joel Gold covers topics ranging from academic conventions to motivating recalcitrant students, from grantsmanship to the I.R.S., from the follies and foibles of academics to sabbaticals and living overseas. Twenty-six tales are illustrated with caricatures that capture perfectly the diffident, bemused, often befuddled wayward professor.

“A refreshing delight! Gold has the knack. His comedy rings true. . . . It’s good-humored wit.”

—Robert Manson Myers, winner of the National Book Award for The Children of Pride, and author of From Beowulf to Virginia Woolf

“This is wry, self-deprecating, lightly satiric writing. The Wayward Professor is a persona whom we come to like and upon whom we come to depend. Gold has that peculiarly academic blend of innocence and sophistication . . . [and writes with] engaging charm.”

—Paul Strohm, editor of Academe

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