Metropolitan Wichita

Past, Present, and Future

Edited by Glenn W. Miller and Jimmy M. Skaggs

This volume presents a thorough, analytical examination of the city of Wichita. Eight contributors—specialists in political science, urban affairs, sociology, economics, and business—discuss the city's development, current problems, and future potential. They dispel the nineteenth-century cattle town stereotype and reveal a vibrant, progressive city.

This informative study provides a wealth of material on Wichita's history, population composition, educational opportunities, labor force, financial structure, industry, commerce, and politics. It will help residents of Wichita gain a deeper understanding of their city, and will give outsiders an in-depth look at Wichita as a place in which to live and work. In addition, as a study of one city's evolution from cow town to regional center, it will be of interest to students of urban development across the nation.

“This is a notable document, a contribution to all who are concerned with understanding the metropolitan phenomenon in the modern world. Anyone who examines this thoughtful and restrained presentation will be especially impressed by the scope and depth of treatment of economic and educational forces, and by the interrelations of the local scene with the wider region and the nation. What a challenge this report presents to the citizens and the responsible men and women of power who are fortunate enough to live in Wichita!”

—Luther Gulick, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Institute of Public Administration